He-buns and She-burgers

My husband I collaborate on homemade bacon-double-cheddar cheeseburgers:

The buns are my husband's purview:

        flour                   750 g
        milk                   450 g
        water                   50 g
        butter                   50 g
        sugar                   25 g
        fresh yeast           20 g
        salt                        2 teaspoons

I am in charge of the burgers:

        onion, minced   120 g
        ground beef          1 kg
        eggs                      2
        black pepper         1/8 teaspoon
        salt                        1/4 teaspoon
        and parsley           to taste

We keep a steady supply of both buns and burgers in the freezer, for evenings when crave this slow food. My husband slices the buns in halves before freezing them; this makes for easy toasting right out of the freezer. I layer patties between sheets of parchment paper and freeze them in air-tight containers; the frozen burgers pry apart easily with a butter knife and go straight on the grill pan:

Our favorite toppings: Ehlenbach's 5-year-old sharp cheddar, Roland extra-strong dijon mustard, thinly sliced red onion, and thickly sliced plum tomato.

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