Portuguese Sweet Bread

Baked late last night, devoured today.

My starting point was the formula on p.218 of Peter Reinhart's The Bread Baker's Apprentice, which I modified slightly to:

14.3% bread flour (King Arthur)
3.2% turbinado sugar
1.6% instant yeast
25.4% water

19 % turbinado sugar
1.6% salt
7.9% powdered milk
12.6% butter
21 % eggs
1.1% orange blossom water
1.1% rosewater
1.1% vanilla extract
85.7% bread flour (King Arthur)
19 % water

The result? A perfectly tasty bread with a delightfully spongy crumb that pairs well with my morning café com leite. Yet not quite the taste for which I was aiming. Next time I will try increasing the percentage of powdered milk, eliminating the vanilla extracts and flower waters, and using sweeteners other than sugar.

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