In search of a meeting place for Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers

Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers, a grass-roots, Andersonville-based not-for-profit, is in search of (one or more) venues for our monthly meetings. We recently learned that Winston's Cafe--which has been the generous host of our meetings since February 2011--has closed its doors. We will miss you, Winston's!

Would your local restaurant, cafe, school, office, or community center like to host Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers?

Our venue requirements are: a table, 12 chairs, and a low ambient noise level (so we can hear one another speaking). Meetings last 2 hours and are limited to 12 participants.

Our bakers are curious, polite individuals who treat one another and our venues with respect. We leave our venues clean, with furnishings arranged as we found them. Our host will receive our many thanks in the form of freshly baked loaves! We also advertise our venues as sponsors on our website.

Our meetings are free or very low cost, e.g., the price of a cup of coffee or two. When meeting at a cafe, we typically arrange that each baker buy a minimum number of drinks from the cafe. Meeting organizers let bakers know of this attendance requirement well in advance and guarantee that it's met.

If you would like to offer or suggest a venue, please contact jacqueline [at] amateurbakers [dot] org.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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