Photo Recap of April 2012 Homemade Bread Showcase

A few highlights from this afternoon's Homemade Bread Showcase at Urban Orchard, in which more than 200 guests participated:

Husband's 8-pound whole wheat miche.

A selection of loaves, expertly shaped and scored by baker N.D.

Husband's rye and spent-grain whole wheat loaves. The spent brewer's grains were donated by Hamburger Mary's microbrewery.

My whole wheat challah.

Each of the breads pictured in this post were baked with locally milled whole wheat flour from Roger's Creek Grist Mill, which available at Urban Orchard in Chicago. Many thanks to Roger's Creek and Urban Orchard for donating the flour for this event.

Baker T.B.'s fragrant garlic loaves.

Baker G.D.'s 3-strand braided wreath with orange and anise.

Another of G.D.'s many delicious creations, a mocha panettone flavored with cocoa, chocolate, and coffee.

Baker M.P.'s sourdough sandwich loaves made with spent grains from Hamburger Mary's microbrewery.

A close-up of N.D.'s sourdough boule.

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