Focus for June 2012: Filled Breads

The next "Taste-and-Tell" event with Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers is Saturday, June 23. Please visit our meetup page to join the group and RSVP for the event.

Summertime is picnic time. This "Taste-and-Tell" will take place out-of-doors, on the lawn, free of the trappings of chair and table. In tune with the carefree nature of the season, our focus for this month is likewise lighthearted. To this "Taste-and-Tell," we suggest you bring bread filled with tasty ingredients, almost a meal--or a dessert--in itself.

Examples are sweet or savory tarts, filled croissants, calzone, and filled puff pastry. Your experience baking to last month's focus topic, Yeasted Pastry + Laminated Dough, should support you in baking to this topic. Also welcome are breads that are meant to be stuffed just before eating, such as pita, pretzel rolls, etc.

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